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   Finally a sport where the quad can be competitive. With the SR-77 Shooting Rest and a little practice, you can shoot a three shot pattern as well as anyone. With a mouthpiece or a joystick you control the movement left and right, up and down, and when zeroed in on target, a sip on a vacuum tube will touch it off. The shooting rest is totally hands free and easy to use.

   We have used a Remington 600 .223, a Ruger mini-14 .223, a Ruger 6mm, a Ruger 7x57, a Ruger 30-06, a Ruger 77\22, and a Ruger 10\22 for testing. Also the Barnett Wild Cat XL Crossbow and the Horton Hunter Supreme compound crossbow works well on the Shooting Rest. Shotguns can also be used, if automatic. Almost any rifle can be used.

   The rifle must be modified by cutting off the stock just behind the pistol grip, and a small cable is attached to the trigger. The rifle is then secured to the rest by pinning the pistol grip to a rear bracket, a "Y" post supports the fore-end and the front swing swivel is used to tie down the front end. Nothing larger than a 6mm should be used on the rest without a muzzle break to reduce the recoil.

   The SR-77 Shooting Rest costs $1100.00 and orders are filled on first come, first serve basis. Orders and Deposits must be in by August 15th to ensure November 01st delivery.